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Cause Of Foam Mattress Softer

Main raw materials foam mattress is foam, synthetic resin as matrix, adding a foaming agent and other additives, foam is formed the washed red sponge-like structure of the material. Common resins include polyethylene, polystyrene, PVC, polypropylene, polyurethane, etc. What is a good brand of mattresses for you to explain the reason for such a mattress is more soft.

Mattress foam method are commonly used physical foaming method, such as chemical foaming and foaming machine; foaming bubbles formed by two: one is an independent air bubbles, also known as the closed-cell structure, a bubble into a thin-walled independent second connected bubbles, also known as the open-cell structure, the bubbles connected into one. Bubble between 50-500 μ m in diameter, between the l-10 bubble film thickness µ m, lcm3 80.08 billion bubbles in a foam.

Foam mattress for you is that the pores interconnected structure of opening hole in the foam, it belongs to high expansion foam (density of 0.1 grams/cubic centimeter), so the texture is light and soft.

So, when you're sleeping on a foam mattress, small bubble each other, deformed, according to body shape "comfortable body" look, naturally you will feel very soft and comfortable.

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